March 2017 Update

March 2017 Update

"Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!" 1 Samuel 12v16

Hello, friends!

Oh my goodness, it’s almost April! So much has happened already in 2017 and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

At the end of 2016, 30+ people from The Great Commission Church youth groups in San Salvador and Soyapango piled into a school bus and drove to Honduras for a three-day youth conference! This was a great time of building and strengthening friendships, worshipping God and learning more about His presence in our lives.

In February, we kicked off Mission Team Season 2017 with our first of FIFTEEN teams this year! The first team was a Total Health Medical Team made up of doctors, nurses and people eager to share the Gospel! The team spent two days in the city of La Libertad, two days in Soyapango and one day at our Development Center at the Volcano. Each day, they spent about seven hours providing free healthcare and medication to the people of El Salvador! Not only did the team give free medical care, but they also helped us to open the BRAND NEW Total Health Medical Clinic in Soyapango! The team donated medical equipment worth thousands of dollars! Now, the children in the Development Center there will have access to the same FREE healthcare and medicine as the children at the Volcano, and the people of the community can receive that same care for only $5 (that includes the doctor consultation AND medication!). The only thing left is to finish fundraising for an extra bathroom at the Center, specifically for the Health Clinic. Salvadoran laws require that the Clinic have its own, private bathroom. The total cost is $1800 and we have about $550 left to raise! If you are interested in helping us reach our goal of $1800, please contact Ashley, our Fundraising Assistant at She will be able to answer any questions you may have about the new Clinic!

The following three mission teams were from City Church in West Virginia, Bay Area Community Church/Naval Academy in Maryland, and Rock City Church in Ohio! These teams spent their days teaching the children about God’s constant presence and honesty. The Bay Area team began construction on a soccer field at the Volcano CDC and the Rock City team put a brand new pair of shoes on every child’s feet at both the Soyapango and Volcano CDC’s! Mission Team season is off to a great start!

Great Commission Church has two big projects for 2017. Our first and most imperative project is equipping the new Dental Health Clinic at the Volcano Development Center. In 2016, we were blessed to be able to raise $40,000 to build the clinic above our current Total Health Clinic. Now, we need $18,000 more to purchase dental equipment. The need for dental care, hygiene and education is great at the Volcano. Many children have parents who do not know to teach them how to take care of their teeth, so a life with rotten teeth is normal for them. We want to help change this, and not just for cosmetic reasons. Dental health is directly connected to the total health of our bodies in many ways. If the children do not have strong, healthy teeth, they cannot eat the foods and get the nutrients their bodies require. We also want to set these children up for success and give them everything needed to be able to get a secure job as adults. And let’s face it - a little knowledge and a welcoming face can get a person far in this world. Right now, we have raised about $1680 of our $18k goal. If you are interested in supporting this project, please visit our website here to find out more!

The need for a Dental Clinic at the Volcano is great!

Once the Dental Clinic has equipment, our next project is to build and equip a brand new Computer Center at our Volcano Development Center. This Computer Center will house at least 20 laptops and our new English program. Most of the children at the Volcano have never touched or even seen a computer due to the incredible poverty in their community. We want to give the children of the Volcano every opportunity possible to have a successful future and change the life of poverty in which they are currently living. You can read more about this project and learn how to support us by clicking here!

On the 12th of April, our church family heads to Honduras for the annual Great Commission Latin America (GCLA) conference! This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends from other churches across Central America and learn from one another! We will also get to spend time with friends and family from our own church!

Great Commission Church San Salvador + Soyapango at last year's conference!

2017 is off to a wonderful start and we can’t wait to see all that God has planned for His church this year!

Please pray:

For all of our fundraising projects: the dental clinic, computer center, and Soyapango Health Clinic bathroom

For our 11 more mission teams this year! Mission teams are such an incredible blessing to our church and the people of San Salvador! Please pray for their hearts to be open to God while they are here and their bodies to stay healthy! (If you would like information about mission teams, please click here!)

For more child sponsors at both our Children’s Development Centers at the Volcano and at Soyapango. With the new Total Health Clinic in Soyapango, more people are discovering the Center and wanting to send their children! This is great, but we need more sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please click here!

For our church team as we travel to Honduras for the GCLA conference! Please pray for safe travels, lots of learning, and quality connections!

Andrew Petrilla, a missionary from our March Rock City team, blessed us with this video of the children at our Volcano Development Center! Please enjoy a little fun with the kids as you get a peek into life at the Volcano CDC!

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