"I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them." 1 Timothy 2v1

Hello, friends!

We are gearing up for Mission Team Season here at Great Commission Church San Salvador, but before we get to that, let’s look back at April and March!

In April, over 50 members from both our churches in San Salvador and Soyapango loaded up in cars, vans, and microbuses and headed to San Pedro Sula, Honduras for the Great Commission Latin America conference of all the Great Commission Churches! The theme of the conference was “Elevate Your Passion!” Every message taught us how we can elevate our passion in different areas of our lives to love and serve God more intensely. We got to hear from some amazing GCLA pastors, worship together and connect with friends from all over Central America!

On a beautiful, sunshiney day in May, a group of church members from our San Salvador campus drove to the beach and THREE people were baptized! Hallelujah! All the angels in heaven and on earth are celebrating their decision to follow Christ and surrender everything to Him!

In El Salvador, Mother’s Day is on May 10th every year (different from the changing date in the States!). Everyone has the day off work to spend with their families. Our churches celebrated Mother’s Day with raffles and sweet treats for the mothers! At our San Salvador campus, Victor Emmanuelle, a local singer and church member, sang a few songs (and one with Silvita, Pastor Victor’s daughter!) and we gave a rose to each mother. Being a mom is a very important and difficult job, so we wanted the women to feel extra special and to know how much we love and appreciate everything they do.

Our Children’s Centers at the Volcano and in Soyapango are always getting new children and finding new ways to encourage them. Our doctor’s assistant at the Soyapango Total Health Clinic is now teaching English classes in the afternoon! The kids are loving it and can’t wait to introduce themselves, in English, to the missionaries! At the Volcano, we have begun building a soccer field for the children! Miss Ali’s English classes are continuing at the Volcano and many of the kids are really beginning to learn! You can follow our Development Centers on our Facebook page here and learn more about them on the website here!

Okay, now that we’ve looked back at April and May, let’s see what’s coming up!

Starting June 10th, we will be welcoming three mission teams in a row! WOO! We have a total of NINE MORE teams this year! We are so excited to make new friends and reconnect with old ones! You can follow the team’s daily adventure’s here on our Facebook page and see the summaries of past teams here on our website!

We are also in the beginning stages of what we hope will be a fast process - creating an English Academy out of our church! It will be a tool for evangelism and a great way to invite people to church. Being able to speak English can drastically improve a person’s life here in El Salvador, so we want to use that to drastically improve their life in Heaven! The classes will be affordable in hopes that many people will come and get connected in. It is also our hope that the English Academy will be a place where people at church can serve, even if they don’t speak English. This will be a church-wide project with something for everyone! We are very excited to get the Academy doors open!

God is moving in El Salvador and we are following!

Please Pray:

- That Great Commission Church San Salvador + Soyapango would grow and welcome more people in every week!

- For Mission Team Season! It is a wonderful time of year, but there are many fine details! Pray that our local team has the strength that only God can provide and for the people coming, that they would be eager to be a part of what God is doing here!

- For our English Academy. It is the goal to open the doors in July! Please pray for the development team, the teachers and that people in search of Jesus’ love and grace would find their way to our church!

- The children at our Centers! We have about 60 children needing sponsors. Each sponsorship provides a child with educational tutoring to help them in school, free medical care AND medicine (at BOTH Centers, thanks to our brand new Total Health Medical Clinic in Soyapango!), a nutritious meal and each child will learn about Jesus’ unwavering love for us. If you feel led to sponsor a child, please visit our website here!

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