"Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth." 1 John 3v18

Hello, friends!

Our busy summer here in San Salvador came to an end with our mission team from Rock City Church in Ohio! All in all, we hosted 11 mission teams with one more on the way in October!

But just because mission team season ended, didn’t mean we took a vacation! For the past few months, our pastors Victor and Nelson and the church have been working furiously to secure a new location for our church! The landlord of the building we were in raised the rent to a point we couldn’t afford, so we had to move! On Sunday, September 3rd, we had our first church meeting at our new location - the Sheraton Presidente Hotel! We are now a mobile church!

This new location has truly been a blessing to us. The space is larger, giving our church room to grow, and we are no longer responsible for all the maintenance! We come in, set up, have church, clean up, and done! Plus, there’s free coffee! That’s the real blessing 😉 Along with a new location for our Sunday meetings, we also rented an office space for storage, worship team practice, women’s meetings and the youth group!

The move has definitely had its challenges, as all moves do, but God blessed us with a location and we are already seeing growth in our church!



As a way to share the Gospel and invite people to church, Iglesia Gran Comisión launched its very own English Academy! On August 12th, Academia Gran Comisión (AGC) opened its doors! Here in San Salvador, the ability to speak English fluently isn’t just a desire for many people - it is a necessity. English fluency opens doors to careers that can double or triple a person’s monthly salary. But English classes are usually very expensive and many people cannot afford them. So for only $5 a month for students and $8 a month for professionals, AGC is offering classes taught by missionaries from the United States! Our Iglesia Gran Comisión missionaries Ashley, Ali and Moriah have taken on the roles of English teachers in the Academy!

We have seen about 15 students enroll in the Academy already! We started out with one mixed level class, but we are now equipped and ready to break our class into two levels! We believe this will be better for the students and encourage even more people to join us!

We do not want this project to only teach people English. Our first priority is to share the Gospel and Jesus’ love with each person that walks through the doors. Each week, Bible lessons are shared and at least once a month, one of the Spanish speaking locals shares the Gospel with the class. Through the Academy, we are building relationships with the students and inviting them to church!

Already, we have seen at least 5 people attend Iglesia Gran Comisión church services because they were connected through the Academy! God is going to use this project to grow His kingdom!

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As our church grows, we are hoping that each church member will feel called by God to serve His church. To help people find their best way to serve, Iglesia Gran Comisión hosted a two day program to help them discover their spiritual gifts. Through questionnaires and self reflection, each person was able to determine what kind of serving God has created them to do! While some people would love to greet and connect with people, others are better suited for behind the scenes serving with things like administration! Whatever God has called each person to do, it is our hope that we can all take a step of faith and serve God’s people through His church!



September 15th was El Salvador’s Independence Day! They celebrated their 196th year of independence from Spain! Both of our Children’s Development Centers celebrated with ceremonies including traditional dances, singing the national anthem, reciting the prayer of the flag and FOOD! Everyone had fun and loved an excuse to eat yuca and pupusas! 🇸🇻



Exciting things are happening at our church in Soyapango as well! Last month, SIX people were baptized! Hallelujah! And even more exciting, TWO of those people are children at our Development Center and one is our cook at the Center! 🙌🏽 God is moving in great ways in our churches here in El Salvador.


Because of the hard work and dedication of the teachers at both our Centers along with the service of mission teams, children are not only learning the “facts” about the love of Christ, but they are feeling it and seeing it in action EVERY DAY. The Development Center in Soyapango is working to teach the children about Jesus Christ and then connect them and their family to the local Soyapango church. Because of this partnership between the church and the Center, it isn’t only the children who are understanding the saving grace of Jesus, but their families are too!



Please continue to pray for our church and all our projects!

Please Pray:

- That our new church location would continue to be a catalyst for growth

- That the English Academy would be place for people to learn about Jesus’ saving grace and that we are able to help the students improve their English skills and improve their lives.

- That our church members not only hear the call from God to serve His church, but that they would act on that calling.

- That the Children’s Development Centers (CDC’s) in Soyapango and the Volcano would continue to build bridges between the people and the church.

- That each child at the CDC’s needing a sponsor would find one quickly! Click here to see our precious children in need of sponsors!


Thank you for your prayers and love for the people and church here in San Salvador!

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