In 2008, Iglesia Gran Comisión (IGC) set out with a pastoral vision to look for a community that they could serve as a church, giving the people hope to change their lives. We would do this through attention to their nutritional, dental, educational and medical needs, and also using these as evangelical instruments. This would not only provide the people of the community, as much as possible, with these important needs but would also provide spiritual attention through the word of God which could not only bring material and spiritual tranquility, but also give them hope for a better life on earth and for the rest of eternity in heaven.

With this vision in mind, IGC relied on help from the social work department of the Universidad Evangélica to guide us through the selection process of a location. The leadership team of our church, headed by Pastor Victor Turcios, used this process to find a location to carry out this vision, which we began in faith because we did not have the economic capital needed to begin, but felt secure that this place was where God wanted us to be. This village is called El Guayabo, located on the Boquerón volcano in San Salvador. This geographic zone presented IGC with some special challenges. The economy of the area was in decline because its principal source of income, growing coffee, was at a low point. There are not many schools or medical offices in the area, despite its proximity to important urban areas like Santa Tecla. For political and economic conflict reasons, the government was doing little to support this area, leaving it virtually abandoned by society. Because of this, there was no reliable epidemiological or demographic information and almost no health, education, police or city records in existence.

It was in this location where IGC began renting and working, financed mostly by our own resources. We worked on compiling profile data on the children who would be treated in the El Guayabo CDC facilities that were under construction at that time. When it opened, the Center was attending to 25 children and in less than two months it grew to include approximately 75 children. The children at the CDC received medical-dental attention, subsequent nutritional evaluations, and tutoring. We also provided general medical consultation to the close relatives and those responsible for the children in the CDC program. Medical supplies were donated by missionaries or locals who were selflessly willing to collaborate with them.

Loyal to His Word, God continued blessing His work in El Guayabo through the support of friends from the States. The CDC now had its own land. It was here that Iglesia Gran Comisión was able to help construct major structures such as the kitchen, the CDI classroom, bathrooms, and a medical clinic.

Today, the Health Clinic attends to more than 160 children in two daily shifts, always providing the benefits of tutoring, medical and dental attention, continued nutritional evaluations, a full meal, and, thanks to the support of the Universidad Evangélica, we are able to provide psychological and specialized dental attention.

The medical clinic located at the Center has also improved greatly, thanks to the support of Total Health. They have helped improve the caliber of the clinic by helping to finance or send medications, medical personnel and missionary teams. Because of this, we have the best quality of medicines to attend to both general medical needs and provide some specialized care. We have also been able improve our medical buildings in order to meet government requirements, which has been very difficult, costly, time-consuming and bureaucratic.

Since September 2014, the Clinic has been hosting a weekly Bible study and weekly church services on Sundays. We know that there is still a lot of difficult work to be done, but we have the desire in our hearts to continue this work giving our best effort and trusting in God, because we believe that He did not bring us to this point only to leave it incomplete.