A mission trip to El Salvador is an adventure!  We want all missionaries to have the best experience possible. For this reason, we would like to share some important information with the teams so that you can be well prepared for your mission trip to El Salvador.

Below are two documents, our Missions Booklet from 2016 and an informational guide about Zika Virus.

In the Missions Booklet, you will find general information about El Salvador, our church and programs. In addition, this booklet includes cultural tips, packing information, FAQs, and how you can stay connected with our ministries here in El Salvador once you return to the United States.

The second document is an informational guide about Zika Virus.  This document provides general information about the virus, preventative measures missionaries should take, and special precautions that our local churches are also taking.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Adriana Galán, our Missions Coordinator, if you have any questions!